Not subtle but still quick to anger.


Alias: Bolt

Name: James B’ryans

Metatype: Ork (standard)

Age: 31

Sex: Male


Apparance: 6’4’’, average build for an ork. Brown eyes, Black hair, Visible tattoo on right side of face. Other Tattoos on arms(generally covered)


Born in the Seattle Underground to Ork parents (Both presumed to be alive however last contact was more than ten years ago). Fell in with some of the underground gangers where he picked up his tattoos He would have continued on this path if he and his “associates” hadn’t been attacked by a spirit of beasts (shaman tradition). It was at this point Bolt became awakened, channeling raw magic into lightning. Bolt sought a mentor and found several over the years. Paying for all of that fancy book learning with some less than legal activities, he became a competent Wican mage. Having spent most of his life on the shady side of life, becoming a shadowrunner was a natural progression.

Pragmatic to an extreme. Holds very little value in the lives of others and even enjoys the violence his work generally involves (Does murder count as a hobby or profession). Is willing to take risks to help (some) of his fellow runners but at the end of the day they are replaceable. He is an ork of his word but if circumstances change he looks out for number one. Bolt does have a soft spot for spirits, and is unwilling to bind or otherwise cause undue harm to them.

After connecting with his mentor spirit, Bolt has begun to experience empathy. A alarming development.


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