"Murderous psychopaths can make difficult colleagues, but... money." -Hoxton on his current group.


Robert Hamilton originates from London where he used to work as an independent matrix security contractor. Talent can take you places, greed can take you further. Knowing all the back doors of the British mafia grids, Hamilton saw the opportunity to take an early retirement. Turns out no matter how clever you are, not all tracks can be covered. Turns out that organised crime lords aren’t people who take betrayal lightly. With the help of a few rival gangers and after cashing in a few favours, Hamilton got out of the country without a bullet in his brain.

He landed in Seattle, a large enough city where he could blend in with only a Renraku Tsurugi to his name. He knew he needed to make cash quick so he would take any dangerous job he could. Adopted the name “Hoxton” as a reference to his hometown.

Hoxton To Collateral: “Shadowrunning… dangerous, stupid, wreckless, morally questionable… but it pays well. We have to work with psychopaths, murderers, serial killers but sometimes, between the bloodbaths and killing sprees, you get to do things no one else ever could to make the world a better place.”

Hoxton can function as a face and a hacker, refuses augmentations as they might allow the big bads to take control. Likes to think he will do the right thing but is yet to put this to the test.



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